General Rules

  • Members must scan card every time entering the building.
  • Individuals must be finishing up what they are doing and exiting the facility 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • NO food/drink besides water/sports drinks beyond lobby.

Age Policy

  • Youth 12 and under must be accompanied/supervised by an adult at all times unless enrolled in a program.
  • Youth 12 and under are not permitted to use the cardio equipment and be on the track.
  • Youth ages 13 to 15 may use the cardio equipment and weight room with adult supervision.
  • Youth ages 16 and over can use weight room alone.


  • Shirts, shorts/pants and non-marking athletic shoes are required in the gym, dance studio and walking track.
  • No bare feet, flip-flops, sandals or dress shoes in the gym, dance studio or walking track.
  • This is a family-friendly facility, therefore clothing with offensive language or graphics will not be permitted.

Guest Passes

  • Guest passes are $5 per day


  • Open Gym- No organized coaching, training or instruction in this facility unless authorized by CC personnel. Coaches who are part of a school coaching staff, any organized sports team, or a rental MUST have prior approval. Parents may advise their own children. Recreation staff has the right to question any activity that looks to be organized or instructional. Membership may be revoked if this is violated.
  • No kicking or throwing balls against walls, doors, windows or scoreboards.
  • No dunking or hanging on rims/nets.
  • Parents wishing to watch their children enrolled in programs in the gym, may do so in the bleachers.

Locker Room

  • Members must provide their own locks.
  • All locks must be removed by the end of each day or will be cut off by CC staff and contents disposed.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in locker rooms.

Walking Track

  • 30 minute maximum on cardio equipment during peak times.
  • Spectating along the railing is not permitted.
  • Leave personal belongings and gym bags in lockers.
  • Only approved CC independent contractors are permitted to conduct training in this facility. Membership may be revoked if this is violated.
  • No strollers/walkers allowed on the track.


  • Profanity and/or vulgar language will not be permitted.
  • Collier Community Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items, please store personal belongings in a locker.