Traffic Counting on Municipal Owned Roads by PA Dept. of Transportation

Starting March 1, 2023-November 16, 2023 PennDOT will be contracting with Tri-State Traffic Data, a vendor on the Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Traffic Engineering Data Count Services Contract (RFP 3520R08), to collect traffic data on municipally owned roads within your county and municipality. This data collection program is being implemented to help improve PennDOT’s traffic data inventory critical to safety management in coordination with FHWA’s Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE). MIRE is a guideline to help state DOTs improve roadway and traffic data inventory which are used to make decision on safety, design, and operation of roadways. Also, the local road traffic data will be reported to FHWA through the annual Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) submittal. The HPMS data are used for assessing highway system performance under the U.S. DOT and FHWA’s strategic planning and performance reporting process and for apportioning Federal-aid highway funds.

These are the 3 areas indicated in Collier Township:

Between Manor Dr. & Royal Oak Dr.
Between SR 3054 & Freedom Drive
Between Main Street & Scotts Way