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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has regularly updated information on how you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19

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Visit their website here for regular updates on what you can do to help stop the spread of the virus and stop the spread of rumors.

*UPDATE 4/4/2020*

Governor Wolf Calls For Universal MaskingDocument

State Gov. Tom Wolf has asked all residents to wear masks if they must leave the house: "When you absolutely must leave home, please wear a mask."

Masks should be worn in addition to staying at home and practicing other prevention measures such as social distancing and hand washing.

“Staying home is the most effective way to protect yourself and others against COVID-19,” state Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine said. “But if you must go out because you are out of food or medication, then wearing a mask or even a bandana across your nose and mouth could be an extra layer of protection."

N95 masks and surgical masks should be reserved for health care workers. Residents can wear a homemade mask, cloth mask or improvised mask such as a bandana.

The state has provided guidelines and instructions for making homemade masks.

“Wearing a mask will help us cut down the possibility that we might be infecting an innocent bystander, like the grocery store cashier, the pharmacist or someone stocking shelves,” Gov. Wolf said. “These people are keeping us alive by getting us the supplies we need. We owe it to them to do everything we can to keep them safe. Right now, that means wearing a mask.”