Changing Namebuilding and carriage

Presto is the Collier neighborhood with the changing name.

Once called Beechmont, then Rosedale, that name had many issues due to mail service. There were too many families in Rosedale, with the last name of Rosedale and it was just too difficult to deliver the mail.


The name Presto developed when Mr. Peter Klein, a very influential man in the community, and his friends were in the general store thinking about new names for the town. Mr. Klein saw a ‘Presto Flour’ truck drive by and suggested the name of Presto. From that day the Collier community has been known as Presto.

person and child standing in front of housePeter Klein

Mr. Peter Klein was also a main figure in the community, owning a mine, a slaughtering/pack house and the only bus garage in Presto. His son, George, also became well known within Presto. He was one of the original ten firefighters to start the Presto Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD) in 1945.

Modern Presto

Today Presto is one of Collier’s thriving communities and the Presto Volunteer Fire Department is still going strong!