Collier Township Sewer Department

The Collier Township Sewer Department provides sanitary sewer service to the Township of Collier, and to maintain those sanitary sewer lines already in service. 

Sanitary Lateral Disconnect
Sanitary Lateral Disconnect from Septic System Diagram

Sanitary Lateral Connection
Sanitary Sewer Lateral Connection Diagram 

Grease Trap Regulations
Grease Traps and/or Interceptors are installed to limit the amount of grease discharged into the public sewer system to levels not exceeding those permitted by ALCOSAN. Grease traps and/or Interceptors are required for all businesses where food is prepared, cooked, sold, served or given with or without charge to customers or guests for their consumption.

Short Form Specifications
These specifications have been developed as a guide to assist Developers, Designers and Contractors involved in planning, designing and constructing sanitary sewerage facilities under the jurisdiction of the Collier Township Sanitary Sewer Department. 

Dye Test and Lateral Inspection Information

For new construction and all exchange of property, including refinancing, please direct your plumber to the Collier Township required forms below. All three forms must be completed and submitted to Collier Township by US Mail or Electronic Mail.
US Mail - Collier Township                                    Email:
                Attn: Dye Test Report
                2418 Hilltop Road
                Presto, PA 15142

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