Collier Township Firefighters Association

The Collier Township Firefighters Association serves the following purposes:

  • To operate exclusively for the benefit of the Kirwan Heights Volunteer Fire Department, the Presto Volunteer Fire Department, and the Rennerdale Volunteer Fire Department (collectively the “Local Volunteer Fire Departments”)
  • To perform the functions of or carry out the purposes of the Local Volunteer Fire Departments by:
    • Improving the public safety and the quality of life within Collier Township by supporting the Local Volunteer Fire Departments as they work with the Collier Township Commissioners, Police, residents, businesses and other non-profit community organizations
    • Providing dependable, efficient fire-fighting and emergency services
    • Preserving and enhancing the volunteer aspects of fire-fighting and emergency services
    • Increasing the public interest in fire and emergency services by promoting personal and community involvement
    • Preventing fires and emergencies through education and involvement programs
    • Assisting with public and private funding for the operations of the Local Volunteer ire Departments
    • Developing, preparing and implementing plans to meet the fire and emergency services demands within Collier Township