Walkers Mill

The Walker Family Gift That Keeps on Giving…Log Cabin

In 1770 James Ewing settled in what is today Collier Township and the area known as Walkers Mill.

Mr. Ewing owned a large tract of land that stretched from Carnegie to Collier Township. In 1772, when Gabriel and Isaac Walker migrated to this area from Lancaster, they purchased 2000 acres of land from Ewing. Gabriel built a cabin and farm in the Rennerdale area. His brother, Isaac set up a gristmill thus giving Walkers Mill its name. 

William Ewing, the nephew of James, and Jane Walker, daughter of Isaac, were married in 1805 and were given a gift from the Ewing family. The gift was the house built by James Ewing which now became the Ewing-Walker House because of the marriage.

Modern Walkers Mill

In 1972 the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation bought the house and it remains today.

The residents who live and work in the great neighborhood of Walkers Mill still appreciate its gifts - a rich history and a beautiful location.