The Collier Neighborhood

In 1865, the Nesbitt family sold the majority of their land to Peter Hormel. Mr. Hormel became the main founder of the area that would eventually be called Beechmont. On his land he started a successful coal mine, the Beechmont Coal Company, which was especially known for its rich amount of coal. Not only was the coal mine an active business in the area but the Pittsburgh, Chartiers and Youghiogheny railroad was also a large functioning business. The Oakdale Station was created and would carry coal from the Beechmont Company as well as passengers and limestone. The train would stop briefly along other villages within the area. The Beechmont Coal Company remained under the leadership of Mr. Hormel until it was sold in 1892 to John C. McMichael. It then became the Beechmont-McMichael Coal Company which would survive until 1933 when Mr. McMichael died and the company was dissolved.